Feb 14, 2008

Day 1 = 12-07-2007 Friday (Pearl Harbor Day!)

SouthWest Flight
BWI, Baltimore, MD
MDW, Chicago,IL
SLC, Salt Lake City, UT
BOI, Boise, ID.

Day 2 = 12-08-2007 Saturday

We departed, Airstream 31 footer entow from Boise, Idaho.
The route went through Ontario, Idaho.
IMG_0048.jpg through IMG_0062.jpg taken along the Northbound stretch of I-84 on this map.
I-84 Exit 362 Lat/Long: 4410'56.88"N,1178'9.35"W.
Snake River before Huntingdon Oregon
I-84, opposite side of river is Idaho
Lat/Long: 4416'36.46"N, 11712'12.68"W
Baker City, Oregon
La Grande, Oregon. Large Union Pacific frieght train
La Grande Airport.
Michelle's Maule is still there.
"ROCKS" sign. Go figure, really?
The trek continued through Deadman's pass and Cabbage pass
IMG_0208.jpg Lat/Long: 4535'59.22"N,11830'24.97W"
Pendleton, OR.
Pendleton VOR PDT
Lat/Long: 4541'54.310"N, 11856'19.333"W

Umatilla Ordance Depot, OR

Oregon/Washington Border (Dam powerplant)
(I-82 Columbia River at Lake Umatilla)
Washington State

Western-most sunset
Near Palm Lake, Washington State
Lat/Long: 4715'25.13"N, 1185'3.26"W
Journey ended at Airstream of Spokane, Washington
Spokane, Washington

Day 3 = 12-09-2007 Sunday

Spokane, Washington
Through Idaho panhandle forest (IMG_0325.jpg-)
Coeur D'Alene Lake (Alene's Heart)
Elmer's Fountain(IMG_0374.jpg)
Lookout Pass, ID-MT Border(IMG_0384.jpg)
Lolo West of Borax(IMG_0391.jpg)
Rest stop East of Borax(IMG_0395.jpg)
Glacier National Park sign(IMG_0438.jpg)
Missoula, Montana
Smoke Jumper Central
Largest collection of Lockheed P2V's.
Lat/Long: 4654'49.45"N, 1144'39.61"W
Butte MT Sign(IMG_0721.jpg)
N15-E90 sign east of Butte(IMG_0745.jpg)
Elk in truck
Journey ended
Miles City, Montana

Day 4 = 12-10-2007 Monday

Miles City, Montana
Montana- North Dakota Border
Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l Park sign(IMG_1050.jpg)
Little Missouri River(IMG_1059.jpg)
Apparently there's nothing to do
in North Dakota all winter
Bismark (Texas Road House) Missouri River(IMG_1121.jpg-IMG_1129.jpg)
North Dakota - Minnesota Border 4:25PM.
After dark, bad pic..
Journey ended
Bob ? from Airstream forum's home
St. Cloud, Minnesota

Day 5 = 12-11-2007 Tuesday

St. Cloud, Minnesota Rodgers, Minnesota - Cabellas
St.Cloud (Mississippi River crossed unceremoniously while getting gas and food)
Night 2 at Bob's place, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Day 6 = 12-12-2007 Wednesday

St. Cloud, MN
Wisconsin Border-St.Croix River
Chippewa River in downtown Eau Claire,WI
Madison, Wisconson
Through Illinois
Illinois border
Ice in northern IL
wind turbines north of LaSalle
RR bridge over Illinois River, LaSalle
Journey ended
Night 1 at Airstream factory
Jackson City, OH

Day 7 = 12-13-2007 Thursday

Jackson City, OH Dayton, OH. Wright Brothers Museum(IMG_1219.jpg-IMG_1263.jpg)
Neil Armstrong Museum.(IMG_1265.jpg-IMG_1340.jpg)
Jackson City, OH. Night 2 at Airstream factory.

Day 8 = 12-14-2007 Friday

Jackson City, OH Dayton, OH
National Museum of The U.S. Airforce.(IMG_1342.jpg-IMG_1704.jpg)
Jackson City, OH
Journey ended
Morgantown, WV. Walmart

Day 9 = 12-15-2007 Saturday

Morgantown, WV Sideling Hill
Detour, MD Home
3500 Miles exactly from Boise (including sub-trips to Rodgers and Dayton)

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