Bombardier and Navigator School - Carlsbad, New Mexico

((Bombardier and Navigator School, 1 month.))
Bombing Flight Record,
AT-11(42-6383) with D8-3
Carlsbad, New Mexico
More on the AT-11 (1) (2)
Altitude Computation - Bombardiers Headache
field elev=3235 in 42-36930
(42-36930 is in the right serial number range to be an AT-11.)
End (T) Sgt 10-14-42 to 11-13-42
D-8 Bombsite and DR Nav Certificate
at AAFAFS Carlsbad New Mexico
Start (T) S/Sgt 11-14-42 to 03-29-43

Trip to Augusta Georgia
28th A.B.SQ. Mess Ticket - Daniels Field Augusta Georgia

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