Life Magazine Advertisements from WWII

The production of synthetic rubber in the United States expanded greatly during World War II, since the Axis Powers controlled nearly all the world's limited supplies of natural rubber by mid-1942 once Japan conquered Asia.
WWII armored division was approximately 3000 vehicles. This eye opener is still applicable today for civilians. Stop and think. That's at least 500 full fuel trucks a day to supply the commute from Frederick MD to the DC beltway...
Cumene was first manufactured in large quantities in WW II by alkylating benzene with propylene. It was an essential component of the highest octane aviation gasoline (115/145).
Paper cups first came into use around 1907 when the public became aware that the communal use of metal or glass cups at public drinking fountains, pumps and barrels promoted the spread of germs. Any illness epidemic could have lead to defeat during wartime.
Rohm and Haas Plexiglas
(ad features the B-26)
Businesses that made marshmallows hit took the sugar rationing hit. Consumers could then buy marshmallows without them counting against their sugar ration. Rice Krispies were one of the many recipes that substituted marshmallows for sugar during WWII

More PT ads
Having the MOST Calories was a selling point because it gave a quick energy boost.
Introduced in 1939 These were an advance over wet cells and cardboard wrapped, wax sealed cells.

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Since 02/2010 I'm interested to see how many of these advetisements were done by JWT.
Below is a 1942 advertisement for Kodak V-Mail by JWT.

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WWII Advertisements from Jim Harris' collection. (not from LIFE)

( Central SchoolsBrockport, New York, United States12 Feb 201013:00:31
( School DistrictMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States10 Feb 201013:44:28
( Unified School DistrictScottsdale, Arizona, United States8 Feb 201016:06:36
( Telehpone CompanyColumbus, Kansas, United States7 Feb 201019:05:32
( Higher Education Telecommunication SystemMuncie, Indiana, United States6 Feb 201003:08:40(TS-9 page!!!)
( Bernardino County Superintendent Of SchoolsSan Bernardino, California, United States4 Feb 201012:07:41
( School Information Processing CooperatiPuyallup, Washington, United States22 Feb 201010:32:27
( State System Of Higher EducationAlbany, Oregon, United States22 Feb 201013:38:41-13:46:53(ts-9.html,tm11-333-ch5.html,EE8_page.html,GN-38.html)
( State University San MarcosSan Marcos, California, United States24 Feb 201015:33:16-15:34:39(life-ads.html,Jims_page/index.html)
( School DistrictAnchorage, Alaska, United States19 Mar 201014:43:03
( Independent School DistrictBurnsville, Minnesota, United States25 Mar 201014:10:25
( State University, Los AngelesLos Angeles, California, United States3 Apr 201017:00:01(TS-9 page!!!)
( Independent School DistrictBurnsville, Minnesota, United States5 Apr 201013:34:35
( Public SchoolsDurham, Connecticut, United States7 Apr 201009:22:03
( Valley District School BoardLondon, Ontario, Canada13 Apr 201010:08:42-10:11:23
( Educational Intermediate Unit 19Hawley, Pennsylvania, United States13 Apr 201012:02:45
( Aeronautics And Space AssociationGreenbelt, Maryland, United States14 Apr 201011:52:15
( Valley District School BoardLondon, Ontario, Canada26 Apr 201010:12:06
( School District #5Kalispell, Montana, United States23 Apr 201010:25:04
( School District #5Kalispell, Montana, United States23 Apr 201010:31:15
( Of California, IrvineIrvine, California, United States21 Apr 201020:22:36(reber.html)
( State UniversitySpringfield, Missouri, United States21 Apr 201019:14:02
( Of Missouri - Dba The Missouri ResearchSaint Louis, Missouri, United States21 Apr 201018:01:41
( Historical Society/internetSparks Glencoe, Maryland, United States20 Apr 201015:03:53(reber.html)
( Research Centre, Polish Academy Of ScienceWarsaw, Warszawa, Poland19 Apr 201009:49:21(nuclear_bomb_effects_calculator.html)
( Hospitalier Universitaire AmiensAmiens, Picardie, France10 May 201002:41:19
( Hospitalier Universitaire AmiensAmiens, Picardie, France7 May 201003:01:59
( Hospitalier Universitaire AmiensAmiens, Picardie, France6 May 201010:43:03
( Hospitalier Universitaire AmiensAmiens, Picardie, France6 May 201003:02:42
( Hospitalier Universitaire AmiensAmiens, Picardie, France5 May 201011:39:57
( Cola Company / North America (pcna)Chicago, Illinois, United States7 May 201012:04:02(B-26s_flown.html, 387th_556th.html, maj-campbell.html)
( Of Missouri - Dba The Missouri ResearchEureka, Missouri, United States6 May 201010:44:00
( Department Of EducationNewnan, Georgia, United States5 May 201013:07:04
( Warner TelecomLongwood, Florida, United States5 May 201012:42:51
( Warner TelecomBoise, Idaho, United States4 May 201015:29:38
( Of DaytonDayton, Ohio, United States5 May 201002:51:40(ts-9.html)
( TelecommunicationsReading, United Kingdom5 May 201005:08:52(everyday_electricity/index.html)
( Rockefeller Institute Of GovernmentDelmar, New York, United States4 May 201008:56:29-09:03:28(EE8_interactive.html, EE8_page.html, tm11-330-01.html, ts-9.html, EE8_page.html, EE8_page.html, bd-72/index.html, tm11-330-01.html)
( CorporationKirkland, Washington, United States3 May 201013:04:24-13:05:10 (life-ads.html 6 loads, pops_page/index.html 2 loads, life-ads.html 3 loads)
( Of Nebraska / Office Of The CioWayne, Nebraska, United States10 May 201014:03:33
( Worldwide Advertising CoAlbany, California, United States10 May 201014:14:23life-ads.html
( Of MarylandLaurel, Maryland, United States7 May 201017:44:259th_af_staff.html
( Of MarylandLaurel, Maryland, United States8 May 201012:47:05-12:47:229th_af_staff.html 2 loads
( Warner TelecomBoise, Idaho, United States12 May 201018:21:54-18:22:56life-ads.html 6 loads
( Shanghai Province NetworkShanghai, China19 May 201007:20:41IE 6.0 WinXP 1280x1024 (reber.html)
( Geis Technology Co.,ltd.Shanghai, China19 May 201002:45:21IE 6.0 WinXP 1280x1024 (reber.html)
( Municipal School DistrictCleveland, Ohio, United States24 May 201012:49:29-12:51:07life-ads.html 5 loads
(, Ad Dawhah, Qatar23 May 201010:46:31ee-91/index.html
( Michigan Network For Educational TelecommunSaint Johns, Michigan, United States21 May 201008:36:19
( Municipal School DistrictCleveland, Ohio, United States25 May 201012:47:30-12:49:14life-ads.html 5 loads
( Of Saskatchewan CommunitynetMelfort, Saskatchewan, Canada26 May 201015:10:20life-ads.html
( University Of BeirutBeyrouth, Lebanon5 Aug 201006:46:36rolm120.html
( JscRiga, Latvia5 Aug 201017:32:01-17:39:47(GN-38.html 3 loads, EE8_page.html 9 loads, EE8_electrical_checks.html, tm11-333-ch5.html 2 loads, EE8_electrical_checks.html, EE8_interactive.html, ts-9.html 2 loads)

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