Asterisk PBX on the farm

Quick explanation of the technology I'm working with..

HT-386 Analog telephone Adapter (ATA) : provides analog signals necessary to run 2 common telephones.
Gives the phones a network extension and connects them to the Ethernet.

HT-488 Analog telephone Adapter (ATA) : provides analog signals necessary to run 1 common telephone and receive 1 POTS line.
Gives the phone and phone line network extensions and connect them to the Ethernet.

NSLU2 (Loaded with Unslung & Asterisk software) : handles all the logic required for an automated switchboard.
Assigns extension routing paths so that a call can be connected from IP address to IP address.
It is not possible for the ATA's to connect without this server because each device with an IP address can have multiple extensions provided through it.

CXC-ETH Cable ethernet adapter (not a cable modem): Passes ethernet signals over coax cable for about 1500ft. I also found out it works over unpowered phone cable.

DIR-450 Broadband router that uses a Verizon Air Card as it's gateway.: Finally something faster that dialup out in the middle of nowhere!
I haven't tried any internet calls yet so I have no info on whether it will work or if the router will need extra configuration or not.
900ft burried phone wire: In the 1970's C&P considered our house an outbuilding of the farm in order to get the same line in two houses.
In 2006 they cut the line between the houses and ran new wire directly to the house from the pole across the street.
We lost the line at the barn which initialy pissed me off but in the end it's an advantage.
The Verizon abandoned wire makes a great inter-house network wire with the right switches at each end of it.


(House 1)
NSLU2 = ~$80
USB hard Drive =  ~$120
DSS 5+ =           ~$20
CXC-ETH =          ~$80
HT-386 = (X3) =   ~$125
HT-488 =           ~$40
TOTAL (House 1) = ~$365

(House 2)
CXC-ETH =          ~$80
HT-386 = (X3) =   ~$125
HT-488 =           ~$40
TOTAL (House 2) = ~$245

Created: 09-22-2008
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