Asterisk PBX in an BD-71 Switchboard Cabinet

Quick explanation of the technology I'm working with..

HT-386 Analog telephone Adapter (ATA) : provides analog signals necessary to run 2 common telephones.
Gives the phones a network extensions and connects them to the Ethernet.

HT-286 Analog telephone Adapter (ATA) : provides analog signals necessary to run 1 common telephone.
Gives the phone a network extension and connects it to the Ethernet.

NSLU2 (Loaded with Unslung & Asterisk software) : handles all the logic required for an automated switchboard.
Assigns extension routing paths so that a call can be connected from IP address to IP address.
It is not possible for the ATA's to connect without this server because each device with an IP address can have multiple extensions provided through it.

DWL-2100AP : wireless access point with Wireless Distribution System (WDS) capability.
These create a "bridge" between wired network devices.
Regular access points do not bridge to each other they only provide wireless devices (i.e. wireless laptop) access to the wired network.

XE102G : a 2 piece set of Ethernet to powerline (120V) adapters) turn power wires into network wires.


(1 6-line switchboard)
NSLU2 = ~$80
DES-1105 = ~$20
DWL-2100AP = ~$90
HT-386 = (X3) = ~$125
TOTAL (BD-71) = ~$315

(1 wireless extension)
DWL-2100AP = ~$90
HT-286 = ~$30
TOTAL (EE-8) = ~$120
XE102's (powerline adapter) ~$80/pair

Created: 09-22-2008
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