Autotransformer C-125
Ringer MC-131
CA-171 2MF Capacitors Terminal block with T-C-R jacks for PL-58 MC-131 vs. B1A
The EE-91 is very similar to a manual (no dial) WE-302, only in a black box, with the addition of a magneto generator.
See "EE-91 vs. WE-302" for circuit differences.
The EE-91 uses an MC-131 ringer typical to field phone equipment (EE-8,RM-29a,etc)
instead of the B1A two gong ringer in civilian phones.
The EE-91 also has the 3 prong jack for PL-58's and screw terminal connection layout for handset similar to EE-8's.
Part of the Communication Restoration Project at Battery 519 at Fort Miles,
is getting 4 EE-91's functional.
Jika Anda dari Indonesia akan Anda menjelaskan minat Anda dalam telepon ini?
Silahkan hubungi saya. Aku mungkin bisa menambahkan info lebih lanjut.
Crusty old Joe's Kodiak Military History Museum site Fire-Control Telephones has more info on EE-91's

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