Jim's Log Missions #1 - #17
09-05-441stBREST, FRANCE - (installations)
09-12-442thEtchenauch, Germany (Siefried Line)(Pill Boxes)
09-21-443thTRIER, Germany (marshalling yard rail center)
*09-28-444thNr. NANCY, FRANCE
10-02-445thAACHEN Germany (Siefried Line Drive) PillBoxes etc.
10-06-446thDuren, Germany (Siefried Line) PillBoxes etc.
10-08-447thNr. Colongue Germany (Bridge) Nv. Ruhr Valley
10-30-448thNr. Antwerp. Holland (Bridge)
11-04-449thNr. AAchen Germany (Strong Points)
11-09-4410thNr. Metz Troop Concentrations
11-16-4411thLeuzon Germany Troop Concentrations
11-25-4412thNr. Piermason Germany Ordanance Depot
11-29-4413thNr. FrankFort (Lohnberg, Germany) Ordanance Depot
12-01-4414thNr. Metz (Sarrehautern Germany) Troops and Town
12-02-4415thSarrehautern Germany
12-25-4416thSt. Vith Belgium Fortified town
02-23-4517thWehrstapel Germany RR Bridge
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