Telephone Stuff
(AT&T 1942)

Some Theory from a 1940
AT&T Electrical Textbook

EE-8 field phone

learn electrical theory from an
EE-8 field phone and a WE302 deskset
(in progress 04-21-2008)


WE302 deskset

Rolm 120 deskset

reverse engineering a 1985 Rolm 120 deskset
for the purpose of converting it into a SLIC
(in progress 01-17-2007)


NSLU2 Asterisk PBX

Updated and working with a Raspberry Pi2
10-18-2008. Today I got proof this stuff really is in my genes.
While I was cleaning out my grandfather's shop I came across copied textbook pages.
My first thought was how did TM11-458 pages I copied end up out there.
When I looked closer the pages were 1950's Bell training material.
My grandfather most likely copied them from my greatgrandfather's books.
The current paths and wiring were all color coded just like I do.

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